Hi there. You’ve found the trailhead to Life Suture, a site dedicated to finding wholeness and recognising how our tendency to feel separate affects our lives and the world around us. Please check out the About page for more information on our raison d’être. There’s also this link to my TEDx Aylesbury talk that sums up the ethos of this site.

Looking for where and how to begin? Well, in keeping with the suture theme, the site is divided into Fragments and Threads.

Fragments are observations and occasional rants about the broken pieces of our world and our lives. Pieces of us that have come apart. They might have to do with habitual thoughts, problems in the health care system, or effects on the environment or communities both big and small. Basically they are meant to call out problems. The way I see it, once a problem is named, then the healing can begin.

Threads are mainly tips and suggestions on how to mend these fragments back together. These include aspects of living mindfully, reducing complexity, healthy habits to cultivate, etc. Anything that moves us closer to feeling more connected and more whole.

Ready to begin?


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Enjoy exploring, and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.